Whatever the current business challenges, or anticipated challenges, we assure you of proven and innovative solutions. Our network reach is wide and versatile.

Your challenges cannot beat our ever ready experienced team. Bring it on, we guarantee you bespoke solutions.

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To be a world-class technology driven enterprise that provides seamless and smart solutions for business growth.

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We exist to provide efficient, rich, and trustworthy solutions that meets clients’ requirements, and exceed expectations.

Our Story

Business Solutions Meets Agribusiness

As a Business Solution company, our services cuts across several industries of the economy. For example, as a way of supporting some of the UN SDGs, Stream Brooks plays a significant role in Agriculture, with the infusion of bespoke business solutions to make desired impact and change from the norm. 

Over the years, Agriculture in Africa has been underdeveloped. The ratio of primitive agricultural practices to mechanized practices is very high. For instance, after harvest, most produce are usually lost due to insufficient storage facilities and under-investment in processing and packaging industry.

The search to instill a business mindset into primitive agricultural practices drove the gradual increase in Agribusiness participation.

Today, Agribusiness is currently entrenched in most value chain of Agriculture. Key areas of Agribusiness visibility are, Technology-driven Extension Services (Agri-Tech), Mechanization, Financial Services, Packaging & Storage, Link and Access to Market or Off-takers, Transport and Logistics, to mention a few.

At Stream Brooks, we establish and infuse business solutions into livestock production, livestock processing, and crop production.

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Business Intelligence


Food Production

Our Farm

Improving Food Supply with Quality Agri-Produce

Core Values

  • Entrepreneurship

    We continuously seek and develop new business, employing state-of-the art methods to retain our market leadership.

  • Customer Service

    We understand that we exist to serve and satisfy our customers. As a world-class organization, we reflect intimacy, integrity, and learning.

  • Quality

    What we do, we do well. We do not compromise on giving the best of quality attainable in our products and services.

  • Leadership

    This is a value about shaping a better future by being leaders in our business, markets, and communities. We therefore focus on continuous improvement, partnership, and professionalism as a way to drive this.

  • Innovation

    It is our passion to be ahead of time; we therefore strive to rejig and rethink our processes for “never seen before” outputs.

  • Tenacity

    To maintain and work by all values that shape us, we are persistently determined to follow through diligently; this we do passionately.

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